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11/05/2015 – How to: Start a Business (For Women only)

Wow, 9,876 of you have read this.

Do you have an idea or a product you want to sell? Have you always dreamt of running your own business, being the master of your own destiny, running an empire? Do you have a vision of being an entrepreneur ? Or is it just that you want to do something that is fun, quirky, different and interesting and that is all yours? If so (and you are female!) this workshop is for you!

This three hour workshop will help you to define your idea, product and unique selling point. From this you will create your mission statement and the values underlying it. And then begin to create a workable business plan to actually get you started and, if necessary, raise the capital required.

The workshop will be run by Anna Percy-Davis . Anna is an executive and career coach who works with entrepreneurs running both big Corporations and small one-person businesses. Her focus is to help individuals be both gutsy and resilient and she believes firmly that if individuals are championed sufficiently they will have enough self belief to build something. She also believes if businesses are to be successful they need to be efficiently run so helping clients come up with a plan and then actually ensuring the plan is actioned is a large part of what she does.

Anna has been coaching for the last decade. Previous to this she worked in recruitment and in finance. She has a coaching training, a foundation training in psychotherapy and a degree in economics and psychology. Anna’s enthusiastic and upbeat approach has been likened to being plugged into the national grid. Her workshops are fun, informative and empowering – attending one of these workshops will be the first step towards turning your idea into a workable exciting reality.

Where: The Clubhouse, 11-14 Grafton Street, London W1S 4EW, England

When: 11/05/2015

Cost: £99

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