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Step into spring | Dawn Duval-Macsporran

Wow, 13,211 of you have read this.
Slowly we are heading away from the winter months; daffodils and cherry blossom is not that far away. Bikini and swim wear season is not that far away either…

We are stepping into the slightly warmer months and longer days; it’s time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe and maybe a new image. Do you feel confident in your appearance? Are there any changes you would like to make? Do you need to lose weight? Are there on-going health concerns you are worried about?

Here are some ideas to help you step into spring!!
  • Blitz your wardrobe
  • Dress up with accessories
  • Consider a new skincare/make-up regime
  • Start planning your holiday in align with your nutrition/ weight loss goals
  • Spring clean your house/apartment
  • Sell or give away what you no longer need
  • Update New Year Goals or set them for 2015
  • Do three lists; self-maintenance, self-development and a FUN column
  • Try to do at least one FUN thing on your list every week
  • Make time for yourself so that you have more of yourself to give
Why not try a Face to Face Nutrition/Coaching Consultation to help you reach your goals??

INITIAL MEETS ARE FREE! Face to Face Nutrition Consultations are only £35 including a bespoke plan or online for £20. Face to Face Follow ups are also on special at £20. Venue: Woolwich Arsenal or at your convenience!!

For more information contact Dawn Duval-Macsporran:

Phone: 0208 855 3225/ 075 832 613 67

Website: bevivacious.uk

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bevivaciousnutr

Facebook: BeVivacious Nutritional Consultancy

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